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"Lil Uzi Vert - Boring Shit"

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I can be anything
Take a look, it's in a book
Take a look, it's in a book
I can be anything
Take a look, it's in a book
Take a look, it's in a book

Nowadays these niggas got tellin' ways
She like me when I was broke, now I am hella paid
Gettin' more money than that nigga that's sellin' weight
I can not hear y'all, loud radio, heavy bass
I get dough, pastries like I'm sellin' cake
Smoke gas 'til I levitate
You ain't never smoke that Jet Fuel
I got that from Uncle Snoop (yeah)
I kept that shit one seventy-five, like seven quarters
I fuck so much that I probably got like seven daughters
Boy you move too quick just like a rabbit
Run the game like tortoise
Fuck her to the morning
I think I'm immortal
I think I'm an alien
And got sent straight down from a portal (yeah)
Touch it from the back
And I swear that I won't record you (yah, yah)
Baby I'm not normal
Baby I'm not normal (no way)
They don't like us because we not normal
We can do anything and I won't bore you
It don't matter to you but you know I can afford you
You rock that Amethyst you know I can't ignore you
Watchin' Steven Universe, that's one hell of a story

You got guts, no glory, yeah
You got guts, no glory
You got guts, no glory

Take a look, it's in a book
Take a look, it's in a book
Take a look, it's in a book
Take a look, it's in a book

I could build your confidence as you build mine
You like me, I will love you always until the end of time
It seems like that I'm always on that thin line
Like 808s & Heartbreak, Kanye with a little hentai
Samurai Jack on a journey, on my lonely, always rockin' VĂȘtements
They asked me can I rap, man can I?
But I chose to be a sharp shooter like Chris Benoit
Drivin' in that Lamb, I remember when my mom took me to PennDOT
Fucked a girl from Sweden, then I sent her ass to Denmark
Fucked a girl from L.A., and I left her ass right there
Of course you rock with me 'cause I just came out this year
But I'ma see if you really fuck with me if you listening next year
Countin' all my bands up
Go 'head, throw your hands up
Throw your... yeah
Go 'head throw your hands up
Mad because their...
Mad because their only chance up
Yeah your only chance up
And I really did it
You know I really did it
Yeah I really did it

It's in a book
The B-I-B-L-E-

Lyrics | Lil Uzi Vert - Boring Shit |
"Boring Shit"
Penyanyi: Lil Uzi Vert
Lagu: Boring Shit
EP/Mini Album: Luv Is Rage 1.5
Rilis: 2017

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