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KYLE - Remember Me? (Feat. Chance The Rapper)

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Yeah, okay well hey yo remember me?
The one you used to really need
Yeah I was just on BET, didn't see? no?
Just something I thought about
Probably happy you know a lot of kids that you fucked off and forgot about
But not this, not what this all about
There is more than that to it
Look I know we've both been through it but
You've been doing anything but what you should be doing like
When I call you on Christmas and you come with excuses
And tell me how you're sorry Kyle but this year i'm Jewish
But last year you was Hindu, and the year before was Buddhist
To keep from buying me clothes, I bet you'll probably be a nudist huh?
Probably have my moms on Maury, asking them to prove it
So I put my face on albums so you'll have to face the music
And when I think about it, it couldn't of been that hard
I didn't need the money man, I just wanted the card
But you was always busy or like somewhere hella far
And ever since I made it, it seems like you never are
That's weird

I said, you gon' remember me
You say what's your name again?
Finally, don't call and it's alright
I'll re jog your memory

August 24th 2013 Journal entry 87
The past is just a story we tell ourselves
Do you remember ours?
Tell me the story would you please?

Yeah, hey look the happy rapper's not so happy now
I remember when I used to laugh out loud
Nowadays I only LOL
Through text cause I don't wanna talk
Don't touch me I don't wanna feel
Rewrote this verse a couple times
First time I kept it way too real
Back before droppin "Keep It Real"
You really dropped me on my ass
I sent a hundred thousand text's
Don't think you ever sent one back
Let's back track back to twenty twelve
Back throwing backpacks to hit the roads
Felt like I died and went to heaven
My life at home was living hell
I told you, you was all I had
It's funny then you couldn't tell
When all your friends was talking shit
It's funny then you couldn't smell
It's funny then you couldn't spell
When I got no answers to those texts
These things get harder to forgive, and even harder to forget
But when I think about it, I'm kinda glad that you did
Don't try to eat with me now
You couldn't starve with me then
A couple months ago fuck
It was hard for us to be friends
You're heart is so much bigger ever since I made it big
Man that's weird

I said, you gon' remember me
You say what's your name again?
Finally, don't call and it's alright
I'll re jog your memory
Lirik | KYLE Feat. Chance The Rapper - Remember Me? |
"Lirik Lagu Remember Me?"
Penyanyi: KYLE & Chance The Rapper
Lagu: Remember Me?
Album: Smyle
Rilis: 2015

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