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KYLE - DewWutItDoez

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Beat me in a battle? Nigga please
Uh huh, um yeah, uh shout out to Jesus
And uh, shout out to Jesus and Jesus

Yeah, I make it DewWutItDoez
These niggas do it but don't do it good
These niggas do this shit just for the funds
I go the hardest dude just for the fun
Yeah, shout out to Zini the man
I specialize in doing what niggas can't
Even when I was a young'n in class I always went harder than all my friends
Shout out to niggas who said I was wack
Couple years later they're all on my sack
Wanting to feature me all on these tracks
Send me a text I do not send em back
Biggidy backity fuckity up
People around me will prove you ain't tough
I'm telling you I've seen this venue before
Believe me the same one you bitch niggas want
SuperDuper do this all for the love
And that's why these girlies just can't get enough
And that's why you rappers just can't get a break
A house with no outlets, you can't get the plug
Damn, someone should tell them to stop
Just cause I'm popping they tell me I'm Pop
And all of they girlfriends' tell me I'm hot
Just cause they not me they tell me I'm not
That's no no don't you know that you're wrong?
And I'm the one writing your favorite songs?
From all of your favorite rappers don't act like if I wasn't here they wouldn't all be gone
Gone is for sure, gone with the wind
They say they gonna pass me up, gosh nigga when?
It's taking too long, way too fucking long
The only one who likes your raps is your mom
But we both know that she been singing mine more
You're on the internet, not in the stores
I'm on the bed now moved up from the couch
I remember when I slept on the floor
And so did my sister, and so did my bro
And we had to go to Fallas for the clothes
The way I was swagging was so damn on point
I couldn't even tell that I was broke

Yeah man uh you know shout out to Jesus
I wanna thank Jesus one time
Shout out to my nigga Jesus on the couch
You know what I'm saying?
Shout out to muhfucking Jesus
Shout out to my homie Jesus over there chilling
Yeah, shout out to Jesus rolling that blunt
And shout out to Zini and Jesus

Shout out to the young man Brick
He's 17 chilling on some grown man shit
Man we got a lot of hands if somebody wanna trip
Sleep more broke niggas than a Motel 6
I make it do what it do
And I did it 'for niggas thought it was cool
Swear this shits like I just do something once
And all of you niggas start doing it too
And I don't get the debit or the cred what's up bruh?
Kurt Angle theme song you suck bruh
Did a couple shows putting on for the turf
Now me and Sean trade verses on Surf
Fake niggas don't look right at me
The way your bitch just threw it at me I nicknamed her nerf
And do not speak directly at me
If you wanna say something, @ me, that actually works
Your hating ass actions don't actually work
I just act like they do they don't actually hurt
You don't have half of fictional racks from your raps yo that's not what you're actually worth
The planet you're on isn't actually earth
If you think your girlfriend can actually twerk
The funniest thing is the laziest part of your brain is the section that actually works
Yo that would suck if I was you, good thing I'm not
Your moms a thot, I- Brick thinks she's hot, I'm pretty sure they fucked yo this is awk
Dude, cool, it happens to the best of us
If you fuck with one of us you gotta squab the rest of us
Already had the rap life that was in a past life
I had to come back because I wasn't the best of them
Didn't cash checks enough
Didn't curve my ex enough
Didn't have one night stand drunk sex enough
Didn't knock niggas out, niggas didn't test enough
Itching for the hands, do you have eczema?
Last album I ain't really beat my chest enough
Got these rappers running, I know they can hear me catching up
Super Duper flexing up until there ain't any left of us
You do whatever the fuck you want and I'll do what it fucking does

Yo that was easy
Uh, first and foremost I wanna give a big shout out to Jesus
And our sponsors over at, uh, Jesus Incorporated
Uh yo, I wanna, uh, shout out to everybody at Super Duper
Especially my nigga Jesus, you know what I mean?
Uh, I got a homie serving life right now, he go by the name of J-Dog
Or Jesus, you can call him that too, shout out to him
And uh I'm trying to think, I'm trying to think who else do I shout out
(Shout out Jesus, shout out Jesus)
You're right, right, okay
Yo shout out, uh, to my boy Jesus, and shout out to my mom and Jesus
Lirik | KYLE - DewWutItDoez |
"Lirik Lagu KYLE - DewWutItDoez"
Penyanyi: KYLE
Lagu: DewWutItDoez
Album: Smyle
Rilis: 2015

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