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"Roger Waters - Part Of Me Died"

| Lirik Lagu | Roger Waters - Part Of Me Died |

The part that is envious
Cold hearted and devious
Greedy, mischievous
Global, colonial
Bloodthirsty, blind
Mindless and cheap
Focused on borders
And slaughter and sheep
Burning of books
Bulldozing of homes
Giving to targeted killing with drones
Lethal injections
Arrest without trial

Monocular vision
Gangrene and slime
Unction, sarcasm
Common assault
Self-satisfied heroic killers
Lifted on high

Piracy adverts
Acid attacks
On women by bullies
And perverts and hacks
The rigging of ballots
And the buying of power

Lies from the pulpit
Rape in the shower
Mute, indifferent
Feeling no shame
Portly, important
Leering, deranged

Sat in the corner
Watching TV
Deaf to the cries of
Children in pain
Dead to the world
Just watching the game

Watching endless repeats -
Out of sight, out of mind
Silence, indifference:
The ultimate crime
But when I met you
That part of me died

Bring me a bowl
To bathe her feet in
Bring me my final cigarette
It would be better by far to die in her arms
Than to linger
In a lifetime of regret
Lyrics | Roger Waters - Part Of Me Died |
"Lirik Lagu Part Of Me Died"
Penyanyi: Roger Waters
Lagu: Part Of Me Died
Album: Is This The Life We Really Want?
Rilis: 2017

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