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"Tory Lanez - Wraith Talk"

| Lirik Lagu | Tory Lanez - Wraith Talk |
Lightin' up a Cuban cigar down Collins Ave
This that type of shit
Saucy, yeah, you know this that
It's that light that Cuban cigar in the Wraith music
No excuses
I feel marvelous by the way

Look uh, first off, I'm poppin' nigga, fuck all y'all
Y'all lucky I don't let this thing touch all y'all
Swavey, uh
It's been a while man, uh
Say the name for a nigga greatest ever
New Toronto very own, bitch, I made another
Made songs 'bout Teyana and Karrueche
I should have pulled some fly shit and had them date each other

Lemme talk my shit
I told y'all was gon be a lovely evenin', I told you
This that shit you just
You just smoke an L to and sit the fuck back
And look at your life like, "Look what I did"

Uh, I run the city in my joggers
Niggas talkin' like bloggers
Villas and apartments
Movin' like Vinny Vargas
Case closed, deal open talkin' large shit
Got me out on South Beach with the sergeant
Collins Ave., Ocean Ave doin' Prime nigga
The Henny fall for all my dawgs doin' time nigga
Lately I've been fuckin' bitches two in time
Sellin' flows, sellin' shows, plus keepin' you in line
Oh it's hard
Still I do it and money it comin' fluent
Spittin' like I need to check my fluids
But I get a check from all these niggas like I'm Jewish
Stupid money comin', got a nigga feelin' foolish
I stunt harder, single number 1 charter
Two platinum plaque singles off of one starter
I been harder, been smarter
Boy, they got me movin' like the hall of fame
Arm through the rim, Vince Carter
Your flow easy and your beats bore me
I done bossed up the city, whole street saw me
In a pair of a red bottoms and fatigues on me
Plugged up 'til the day they call police on me
Say my shit the hardest 'cause my shit the hardest
In ten years, we'll check back 'bout who's the bigger artist
Whole clique of artists and they 'bout to get shit started
Even though the kid alone, could have your shit deported
I see talkin' slick now
I got a million for every word out your slick mouth
Lucky I can't even argue with them little guys
I'm more focused on gettin' niggas legitimised
I own the land, I own property, the enterprise
I'm still stuntin', fuckin' all your bitches inner thighs
My watch ten glass can get a nigga killed
P.E., gym class the way I'm in the field
Drove the Rolls round Toronto, show the kid's its real
340 cash, fuck how niggas feel
I was broker than the joker
Now I need a bag
Spanish bitch la vida loca
Bitch name Coca and I stroke her in the hot tub
Niggas say it's love, though it's not love
So I'm in the VIP strip club section, I'm gettin' hot rubs
Big dutty.45 on me, in case they pop up
'Cause when the shot sober
Niggas leave you slouched over in the couch sofa
Dawg, especially when the block know ya
And your hater steady talkin, what they got for you
But your shooters in the drops over
Down to shoot a movie clip until the plots over

I'm not gon' play nice with you niggas man
Fuck you want me to do? I'm sorry
Over here in one umbrella, you know
We got a no fuck nigga policy, know what I'm sayin'? One of those
I'm not one of them niggas that you just
You know you just see me out on a random blue
And you see me in my Wraith and you just pull up
And shoot your gun at me
You gotta make certain calls for that, baby
You gotta talk to certain people
Before you make those moves
Oh I know you
Lirik | Tory Lanez - Wraith Talk |
"Lirik Lagu Wraith Talk"
Penyanyi: Tory Lanez
Lagu: Wraith Talk
MixTape: The New Toronto 2
Rilis: 2017

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