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"Tory Lanez - LICK / Drive You Crazy"

| Lirik Lagu | Tory Lanez - LICK / Drive You Crazy |
--- Lick ---

Yeah, uh

Look, bustin' out the lick and now I got it bitch I'm Re'd Up
I will never run off for the plug that got me keyed up
Bankin', it's so many Franklins in my shit, you think a nigga know Aretha
(Yeah, uh)
Bustin' out the lick and now I got it bitch I'm re'd up

--- Drive You Crazy ---

I'm a, I'm a go easy on you niggas
I'm a go easy

I'm lyin', really comin' for these niggas this time
It's a full-time job tryna keep 'em in line
Yeah the full court pressure, givin' niggas the stretcher
I could kill your whole team combined, who want pressure?
More than a nigga that's ballin', I need a Espy
More than a Miami papi that's on a jetski
Ice on Wayne, whole chain on Gretzki
When I start winnin', don't you rap niggas text me
Grinnin' at the view of your corpses in a fortress
'Bout to make Forbes list, everythin' is gorgeous
Indoor B-ball courts lit where the floor sit
Still runnin' shit like faucettes in an orphanage
Blog niggas gettin' they core clicks off of whore shit
Rap niggas all at they peak, I got the door slit
On star island, cigar smilin'
Drive a couple miles south hit the beach, bitches start wildin'
I done came from the cop car sirens, block ball violence
Bunch of lil niggas stealing hot cars wildin'
Tops chopped off 'til the cops start wildin' and the cop cars find us
Must you remind us, wintertime climates
Slicket set of "set up" bitches that try to line us
I have no infatuation with niggas
Only made the money cum I'm masturbatin' the digits
Matter fact I'm on tour inflatuatin' the figures
Used to be in low income, now see the show, income
Shit would make you sick, meanin' of a gross income
I deserve every dollar here and then some
And I pray I never dress like y'all
Only bird on my shirt is when I press that raw
It's umbrellas on my sweater for bitches that's under weather
Blowin' kisses at the cheddar when I test that jaw
I, never lose, never snooze, crackin' crystal sippin
Yaught pimpin' on another cruise
Foreign model from another niggas pedestals
On the top, clock tickin' on you other dudes
Think I'm typin' in a site with all these W's
Only watchin out for doe and niggas busting moves
My drive crazy, I-80 in a Lamborghini screamin' "Rock-a-bye-baby"
Bad bitch just touched down, she Tom Brady
Me I'm Tom Ford, there's more to the Concord
I been in the jungle, nigga, broke and on my last
You was on the feet, nigga, I was on my ass
You was in the sheets, nigga, I was on the ave
You was in the class nigga, I was on the dash
Hustlin' in corner, swearin' I was a goner
Welcome to the USA, I was a foreigner
Fame was a beautiful bitch, so I joined her
Came now I'm lookin' for chips, get the coin up
I remained, all summer all fall
Still gettin' money when the wheels fall off
Real ass nigga even when it's called off
Real ass nigga even when it's called off, my nigga
Lirik | Tory Lanez - LICK / Drive You Crazy |
"Lirik Lagu LICK / Drive You Crazy"
Penyanyi: Tory Lanez
Lagu: LICK / Drive You Crazy
MixTape: The New Toronto 2
Rilis: 2017

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