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"Sylvan Esso - Uncatena"

| Lirik Lagu | Sylvan Esso - Uncatena |
I'm washing with all my friends in the kitchen
Drying dishes turning twisting until we can run out go swimming
I feel you behind me ringing bowls right next to my ears
Toe was so clear so that we all could hear when the water washed around us
Salty holding us steer

Did you ever say oh no
Did you ever say no,

Skinny skinny skinny man with a whale to hold his hand
Oh to trade the places fast to be swallowed let it last

I'm swimming with all my slippery beginnings
White linen, sheet twisting
Limbs clenched so hard, mouth so resistant

Did you ever say oh no
Did you ever say no,

All I want from you is a letter and to be your distant lover
That is all that I can offer at this time
Lirik | Sylvan Esso - Uncatena |
"Lirik Lagu Uncatena"
Penyanyi: Sylvan Esso
Lagu: Uncatena
Album: Sylvan Esso
Rilis: 2014

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