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"Sylvan Esso - Could I Be"

| Lirik Lagu | Sylvan Esso - Could I Be |
I'm covered in soot
We're running for gondolas
And when I come home again my arms will wrap around my friends (2x)
I'm covered in soot
I'm covered in skin
And when I go to leave again I'll wear the clothes you put me in (2x)
Could I be coming home with the waves rolling back...
Oh why?
Oh why did I go outside with the bitches on the trail oh why? Oh why? Did I go,
I don't know
only thing I can think to say is get on the train
get on the train
and ride it till you come
ride it till you come
Or could I just
Get on the train get on the train and ride it till you come.
Ride it till you come
Like the bass child
Like the river wild
Like the tide coming in again
We're riding in the van
Through dotted lines we're making friends
With all the other bands
Driving to make their fortunes.
Could I be coming home
With the waves rolling back
We're chasing the glow
A pack of wolves
We're running from home to home
Blindly searching for what we know (a dream created from the videos)
Our feet are getting raw,
But our mouths still quietly
Sing the song
Keeping time to piston rods
We're feeding ourselves on steam exhaust
Oh why?
Oh why?
Do I run like the wolf each time my roots peak out from tender foot
Oh why, oh why
Can't I just kiss my lips enough
Be happy with just making love?
Lirik | Sylvan Esso - Could I Be |
"Lirik Lagu Could I Be"
Penyanyi: Sylvan Esso
Lagu: Could I Be
Album: Sylvan Esso
Rilis: 2014

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