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KYLE - Love 4 You

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I've got love for you, yeah I do
And some of your friends, sorry to offend but that shits true
Don't take it offensive its my adolescence
I just enjoy some suggestive suggestions
Maybe your a blessing compared to some hoes would have a threesome for some attention
Me and my new ho late nights on top of the roof though
A bottle of Nuvo enjoying the view
Say she got a boyfriend, I try to ignore him
But it ain't my fault if she liking it too
What the fuck? What the fuck? What the fuck that do?
It's the young young nigga who got no tattoos
From the city by the beach, with the low Chuck-Ts
And the teens call me K.I.D. at school
And my flow so hot, but my feet so cold
They be starin' at my grill but my teeth ain't gold
Teachers looked at me wrong cause' I ain't play ball
Like a nigga wasn't black cause' my knee ain't grow
Really really? Like forreally? I'm like teenage old
Nineteen whippin nineteen vehicles
Wouldn't say it if this shit wasn't true
I've got love for you

Back up in this bitch
With a bitch who ain't good at doin' shit but takin' pictures
Got a nice butt, but suck at doin' dishes
Can't clean a rug but she good at givin' kisses, right
She don't really cook good, but she always look good
Baby oh, baby oh, baby
She's amazing and she drives a Mercedes
And she still dress like the nineteen eighties
She knows everything I do, my window is a telescope
From her penthouse with a view
She can see me anywhere I go
I told her she can chill it's all good baby
I live out that biggie line
As long as the head is right
You know I'll come home every night
Now that ain't warnin' but it's more of test
Though when it comes to sex do you do it the best
Cause' if not I might move onto the next though
So think about that before you give it a rest
Assured that she's urgently workin on it
Surgically learning bout' twerkin on it
Wouldn't say it if this shit wasn't true
I've got love for you
Lirik | KYLE - Love 4 You |
"Lirik Lagu Love 4 You"
Penyanyi: KYLE
Lagu: Love 4 You
Album: Beautiful Loser
Rilis: 2013

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