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J Hus - Hussling & Stacking (Feat. Mo Stack)

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You alright geezers, it's DoccyDoc
'Ello Ello
Who have we got in the gaff today
My brother hustla
Oi mate
(Hustla baby, hustla baby)

Police at my door again
There's about four of dem
Why you bring me grief on Monday
Feds asking questions like me no speak ina Englais
Club going up on a Tuesday
That's cause I made bail
Roam the ends like I don't fear no one
Fresh white Air Force 1
She loves the way I lean and bop
She can hold my tool if the beast on top
Before she give me top she puts cream on top
Oooh she's a freaky girl
And I like it. I like it a lot
I know you'll like it too
Don't fight it boo
I wanna spend the night with you
(I wanna spend the night with you)
But I can't cause ring-a-ling-a-ling
That's the money callin' me
Yh I'll be back in the morning B
Who's that dippin' in the Corsa
J's on my feet but I've never been a baller
They told me I can't be a winner
Used to eat sardines for dinner
Daydreaming about cars and a villa
I know we're angel with the past of a killer
I don't know 'bout you halfway crooks
But my dargs ain't shook
Broad day blast and jook
The flight to grumpy's
I love the way his marj cooks
Yo yo yo but back to the story
Grind every day like the trap doesn't bore me
I am tryna trap 'til I'm forty
One day I'll settle down and relax with my shawty

Oi 'ustla
Is that what your doing to them
But wait wait we ain't finished we ain't done
I've got my brother Mo Stack's coming in
Oi Mo
Oi Mo let 'them go crazy mate

If I ever wife a hoe J Hus can smack me
If I ever rob my bro look Mike's can stab me
Looking for a good girl
Ain't looking for bad B's
One's that can cook, love dough and family
Wife her casually
She can have me but can she hack me when I'm mad or happy
Wagwarn for the groupie's
We only spoke for two days
Wait hold up now who's bae
Ohwowo please slow down there, now
I don't wanna go down there, plus
You got some trust issues, you
Comments on your pictures
You have no idea, I
Don't I swear but
That's just lust
Girls love boys when they up and
Boys love girls when they fuck
My team's looking like Beyoncé and your team's looking J Hus
Hashtag ugly
Mo Stack's a prick boy trust me
That's not what they say when they buck me
Man move mucky
Mo Stack's cute she must think man's puppy
That's not cute cause I look like duppy
Look like Trey Songz when I'm getting money
Socks on all time
Feet look yucky
Instagram picks yh she's looking all lovely
Go to her crib and the place looks dutty
Ohhh they don't wanna work
Go to the strip club babe you can twerk it
We do it better but, they did it first
You can hit the email
You can pay for a verse
Yo yo now back to the story
My ting's looking like a shawty
And your ting's looking like Stormzy
Hashtag problem
Feds was behind but we lost 'em
We just came to vibe and bobble
Please don't start no trouble
My dargs ain't got no muzzle
Just one eight seven like I'm not bae
We might chat til eleven, but I'm not bae, no-no
(I'm on my neenanana)
If Feds ask no I don't know
We don't lick batty nigga that's a nono
If my friends think that's cool then I'm flying solo, Go home

Oi mate
I don't think they were ready you know
Oi Hus I tell ya
These nuts are bonkers?
Oi Mo
I love you all the way geezer
It's big DoccyDocs
And I'm 'bout to sit down and have a cuppa
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